Poultry Waste Organic Fertilizer For Plant | Chicken Manure


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★ Organic fertilizer ★ Best for all kinds of plants ★ 50 grms per plant
★ Slow-release fertilizer ★ Apply once a month ★ High nutrient content
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Poultry manure / Chicken Manure, refers to the waste material generated by chickens raised for meat or egg production. It consists of a combination of feces, urine, feathers, bedding materials, and spilled feed. Poultry manure is a valuable resource in agriculture due to its high nutrient content.

The manure/waste is collected and is aged and sundried to prevent the growth of unwanted pathogens and to prevent excessive chemical reactions.

Chicken Manure Application

      • It can be applied directly to the soil before planting or used as a top dressing around existing plants.
      • Depending upon the size of plant you can apply 50-grams to 500 grams.
      • It can also be mixed in water and then pouring the mixture at the base of the plant.
      • Poultry manure can be blended with other organic materials, such as crop residues, straw, or wood shavings, to create balanced and nutrient-rich compost or fertilizer blends.

**Spread the manure a few inches away from the base of the plants to prevent plant rot from the heat released by the fertilizers.



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