Used Coffee / Tea Powder Organic Fertilizer For Plants | Organic Nutrient Boost


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★ Organic nutrient boost Soil conditioning ★ pH balance
★ Sustainable gardening ★ Pest repellent ★ Compost accelerator
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Used coffee/tea powder enriches soil with organic matter, improving nutrient retention and promoting plant growth. Its natural acidity can help balance soil pH, while its decomposition releases beneficial compounds, enhancing soil fertility and supporting healthy plant development.

Benefits of using Coffee / Tea powder

  1. Soil amendment: Enhances soil structure and fertility.
  2. Nutrient enrichment: Provides organic matter and nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  3. pH regulation: Helps balance soil acidity levels.
  4. Pest deterrent: Acts as a natural repellent against certain pests like slugs and snails.
  5. Composting: Adds nitrogen-rich material to compost piles, aiding decomposition.
  6. Mulching: Helps retain moisture in soil and suppresses weed growth when used as mulch.
  7. Worm bin additive: Suitable for adding to vermicompost bins to feed worms and enhance compost quality.

Directions for using Coffee / Tea powder

  • Mix into soil at a ratio of 1:3 for soil amendment.
  • Layer in compost pile for decomposition.
  • Spread around plants for mulching.
  • Dilute in water for liquid fertilizer.
  • Add to vermicompost bin as worm food.
  • Sprinkle to deter pests like slugs.
  • Mix with compost or manure for soil conditioning.

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