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★ Neutralize acidity ★ Fast Soil neutralization ★ Faster pH adjustment
★ Boosts crop productivity ★ Effective along fertilizers ★ Toxicity reduction
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Lime shells, also known as agricultural lime or limestone, are fundamental components in farming practices worldwide. They serve various purposes in agriculture, contributing to soil health, crop productivity, and overall farm sustainability.

Here are short points outlining the uses of lime shells in farming:

  1. Soil pH Adjustment: Lime shells are used to raise soil pH levels, creating a more favorable environment for plant growth.
  2. Nutrient Availability: They enhance the availability of essential nutrients to plants by reducing soil acidity.
  3. Improved Soil Structure: Lime shells help to flocculate soil particles, improving soil porosity and aeration.
  4. Toxicity Reduction: They bind with toxic elements like aluminum, reducing their availability to plants and mitigating toxicity risks.
  5. Long-Term Benefits: The effects of lime application can persist for several years, providing lasting benefits to soil health and crop productivity.


  1. Timing is Key: Apply in fall or early spring when the soil is moist but workable. This allows for some breakdown before planting.

  2. Spread the Wealth: Broadcast the ground lime shells evenly over the designated area. Consider a spreader for larger areas to ensure consistent application.

  3. Mix it In: Lightly till the lime shells into the top few inches of soil. This promotes contact with the soil and encourages breakdown.

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