Rabbit Manure Organic Fertilizer For Plants


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★ Organic fertilizer ★ Best for all kinds of plants ★ 50 grms per plant
★ Slow-release fertilizer ★ Apply once a month ★ High nutrient content
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Rabbit manure, also known as bunny berries or rabbit droppings, is a type of animal waste from Rabbits, Bunnies Etc. They are rich in nutrients and can be beneficial for gardening and farming purposes.

Rabbit manure is considered one of the best organic fertilizers due to its high nutrient content. Unlike other fertilizers, Rabbit manure is known as “Cold Manure” due to its extraordinary property.

What is “Cold Manure”?

  • Unlike some other types of manure, rabbit manure is considered “cold” or “cool” manure. This means that it can be used directly on plants without the need for composting or aging. Unlike “hot” manure, like chicken manure, rabbit manure will not burn or damage plants if applied in its fresh form.

The waste matter is collected and is aged and sundried to prevent the growth of unwanted pathogens and to prevent excessive chemical reactions from happening. later the matter is powdered or broken down into smaller chunks which helps in decomposing it faster, which in turn helps plants in absorbing it faster.

How to use:

  • It can be applied directly to the soil before planting or used as a top dressing around existing plants.
  • It can be mixed with soil while making the potting mix. (Use very little portion while introduction.)
  • The dried powdered manure can be mixed with water and then applied as liquid fertilizer.
  • Raw manure can directly be applied on plants.

**Spread the manure a few inches away from the base of the plants to prevent plant rot from the heat released by the fertilizers.


  • Direct Application: Rabbit manure can be applied directly to garden beds or around plants. It is considered “cold” manure, meaning it won’t burn or harm plants even in its fresh form. Lightly work the manure into the soil surface or mulch it with a layer of organic material.
  • Composting: Composting rabbit manure can further enhance its benefits and make it easier to apply. Combine the manure with other organic materials such as straw, leaves, or grass clippings in a compost bin or pile for decomposition. The finished product can be added to garden beds or used as a top dressing for plants.
  • Vermicomposting: Another option is to use rabbit manure for vermicomposting. Feed the manure to earthworms in a vermicomposting system, and they will process it into nutrient-rich worm castings. These castings can be used as a potent fertilizer by incorporating them into the soil or making a liquid worm casting tea for plant feeding.
  • Mulching: Rabbit manure can be used as a mulch around plants. Apply a layer of rabbit manure on the soil surface, making sure to leave space around the plant stems. The mulch will help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and gradually release nutrients into the soil as it breaks down.
  • In Planting medium: The Dried manure can be combined with soil and other potting mix enabling plants to grow maximum with the provided medium.

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