Bharathapuzha River Sand For Indoor Plants | Helps Root Penetration


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★ Helps root penetration ★ Best for all kinds of plants ★ Holds water & nutrients
★ Reduces soil density ★ Improves soil structure ★ Raises pH balance of soil
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Bharathapuzha River sand is a product of natural weathering of rocks over a period of millions of years. It is mined from the river beds.

  • The Bharathapuzha river sand when mixed with soil help in smooth root penetration
  • This sand consists of a smoother texture and a better shape of grains.
  • The river or natural sand demands very less water.
  • Helps to drain water exceptionally well and have no fine dust which would inhibit air movement through the soil (aeration). River sand is stable, whereas sea sand would contain salts that could be harmful to plants.
  • It will increase its drainage ability
  • Plants like Bonsai and Adenium are best grown
  • Plants that prefer less water are mainly grown
  • River sand can be mixed in a potting mix of succulents and indoor plants up to 20 %. However, the use of river sand can be increased up to 40-50 % for Cactus and Adenium plants

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