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Type Organic fertilizers
Available quantity 1 Kg , 3 Kg , 5 Kg
Usage 1 tablespoon per plant
Package Plastic cover
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Enhance the health and vitality of your plants with our premium Bone Meal Organic Fertilizer. Derived from all-natural and sustainably sourced animal bones, this nutrient-rich fertilizer provides a host of essential minerals and organic matter that promote robust growth and abundant blooms.

  • It’s an excellent source of phosphorus
  • It acts as a slow-release fertilizer
  • It boosts bloom and fruit production
  • Bone Meal Strengthens Flowering Plants
  • Bone Meal May Contain Nitrogen
  • It promotes better root structure

Nurture your plants naturally and enjoy bountiful harvests and vibrant blooms throughout the year !!

Usage Instruction

  1. For new plants: Mix 1-2 tablespoons of bone meal per planting hole or sprinkle evenly in the planting area before covering it with soil.
  2. For established plants: Apply bone meal as a top dressing around the base of the plants, mixing it lightly into the soil. Use 2-4 tablespoons per square foot.
  3. Water thoroughly after application to help activate the nutrients and reduce the heat extracted from bone meal fertilizer.
  4. Repeat the application every 3-4 months during the growing season for best results.

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