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★Better soil structure ★ Controls pH level ★ Boosts soil fertility
★ Suppresses weeds ★ Better water retention ★ Enhances plant growth
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Our Brick Powder Soil & Potting Mix is a carefully crafted blend designed to optimize plant growth and vitality. Made from finely ground brick powder and enriched with organic additives, this mix offers a natural solution for nurturing healthy plants.

  • Enhances soil structure, creating a crumbly texture that promotes root penetration and water retention.
  • Infuses soil with trace minerals and micronutrients, providing a nutrient-rich environment for vigorous plant growth.
  • Balances soil pH levels, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake and maximizing plant vitality.
  • Naturally suppresses weed growth, giving your plants the competitive edge they need to flourish.
  • Boosts soil fertility with organic matter, enriching the earth for sustained plant health and vitality.

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