Desi Cow Urine Liquid Fertilizer For Plants | Kerala Cow Gomutram


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★ Organic fertilizer ★ Improves plant growth ★ Apply regularly in 2-4 weeks
★ Kerala desi cow ★ Enhances soil structure ★ Apply directly to plant base
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Cow urine, known as “gomutra” in traditional agricultural practices, has long been esteemed for its role as a natural fertilizer and soil conditioner for plants. Its value is recognized in various cultures, particularly in regions like India with rich traditions in farming. Diluted appropriately and applied to plants or soil, cow urine offers essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium crucial for plant growth. Furthermore, it hosts beneficial microorganisms that enrich soil health, enhance nutrient availability, and combat harmful pathogens. Rooted in centuries-old agricultural wisdom, its utilization persists as an integral part of organic farming methodologies, focusing on bolstering soil fertility and fostering sustainable crop cultivation.


  • Natural Fertilization: Cow urine, containing essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, acts as a natural fertilizer when appropriately diluted and applied to plants or soil. This provides crucial nutrients to support healthy plant growth and development.
  • Soil Conditioning: Cow urine contributes to soil health by containing organic compounds and beneficial microorganisms. When applied to the soil, it enhances soil structure, improves water retention, and promotes microbial activity, thereby enhancing overall soil fertility and health.
  • Enhanced Nutrient Availability: The nutrients present in cow urine are readily available for plant uptake, improving nutrient availability in the soil. This ensures that plants have access to essential nutrients required for optimal growth and development.
  • Disease Suppression: Cow urine contains compounds and microorganisms that suppress harmful pathogens and pests in the soil. By reducing the population of disease-causing organisms, cow urine helps protect plants from diseases and pests, fostering healthier and more robust plant growth.
  • Stress Tolerance: Application of cow urine may enhance plant stress tolerance, as suggested by some studies. This makes plants more resilient to environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and salinity, enabling them to thrive even under challenging growing conditions.

How to use:

  • Pour the diluted cow urine mixture onto the soil around the base of plants.
  • Avoid direct contact with plant stems or leaves to prevent potential damage.
  • Ensure thorough coverage of the soil surface within the plant’s root zone. This will allow the nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the plant roots effectively.
  • Apply cow urine to the soil regularly, ideally every 2 to 4 weeks during the growing season, to provide a continuous supply of nutrients and support plant growth.

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