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★ Promotes microbial activity ★ Plant stress tolerance ★ Plant nutrient booster
★ Spray from top to bottom ★ 2-5 ml / per liter ★ Acid foliar spray
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The Fish Amino Acid (FAA) is a liquid made from fish. FAA is of great value to both plants and microorganisms in their growth, because it contains and abundant amount of nutrients and various types of amino acids (will constitute a source of nitrogen (N) for plants). Blue, back color fishes will get good FAA. It is absorbed directly by the crops and it also stimulates the activity of microorganisms. The effects of FAA are more observable when mixed with a pinch of urea.

  • To promote healthy microbial activity
  • Where chemical fertilizer usage has decreased soil biological activity
  • To promote healthy and robust plant growth.
  • It makes the soil very loose, maintains the biomass of microorganisms and earthworms, and guarantees a healthy soil environment.
  • Promote the growth of crop roots and leaves, and enhance photosynthesis, especially for seedlings.



  • Fish Amino Acid organic fertilizer is mainly used as a foliar spray.
  • The normal dosage is 2 – 5 ml / per liter of water. and do a Foliar spray
  • Spray the plant from top to bottom.
  • For small plants the prepared solution can be used for 3 – 4 plants.


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