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★ Raw form cow dung ★ Best for all kinds of plants ★ 500 grms per plant
★ Slow-release fertilizer ★ Apply once in 3 months ★ Organic fertilizers
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Introducing our premium Kerala Desi Cow Dung, an exceptional organic fertilizer that promotes the best organic growth for your plants. Sourced from indigenous Kerala Desi Cows, renowned for their high-quality dung, this product is a natural treasure that will revolutionize your gardening experience.

Our Kerala Desi Cow Dung is meticulously processed to ensure its purity and efficacy as an organic fertilizer. It is free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic additives, making it the perfect choice for eco-conscious gardeners who prioritize sustainable and natural solutions.

Packed with essential nutrients, our cow dung provides a nutrient-rich foundation for your plants, enhancing soil fertility and stimulating robust growth. The dung is carefully composted and aged to optimize its nutrient content, ensuring a slow-release effect that nourishes plants over an extended period.

Cow Dung as Plant Organic Fertilizer

  • Nutrient-Rich Soil Amendment: Cow dung is packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are vital for plant growth. When applied to the soil, cow dung releases these nutrients gradually, providing a steady and balanced supply to plants.
  • Improved Soil Structure: Cow dung improves the soil’s physical properties by enhancing its structure. It helps to loosen compacted soil, allowing better water drainage and air circulation. This creates an optimal environment for root development and nutrient absorption.
  • Enhanced Water Retention: The organic matter present in cow dung acts as a sponge, increasing the soil’s water-holding capacity. This reduces water runoff and helps retain moisture in the root zone, ensuring plants can access water during dry periods.
  • Stimulated Microbial Activity: Cow dung contains a diverse array of beneficial microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which contribute to healthy soil biology. These microorganisms break down organic matter, decompose nutrients, and create symbiotic relationships with plant roots, promoting nutrient availability and uptake.

Cow Dung as Plant Organic Pesticide

  • Pest and Disease Resistance: Regular application of cow dung can enhance plant vigor and improve their natural defense mechanisms. It strengthens plants’ immune systems, making them more resistant to pests, diseases, and adverse environmental conditions.

Cow Dung as Plant Weed Controller

  • Organic Weed Control: Applying cow dung as a mulch around plants can suppress weed growth. The layer of cow dung acts as a natural barrier, preventing sunlight from reaching weed seeds, thereby reducing their germination and growth.

**Spread the manure a few inches away from the base of the plants to prevent plant rot from the heat released by the fertilizers.

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