Dolomite C650 Synthetic Fertilizer For Plants | Calcium & Magnesium Carbonate


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★ Synthetic fertilizer ★ Calcium and magnesium ★ pH regulation
★ Nutrient supply ★ Larger granules ★ Enriches soil
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Dolomite C 650 Synthetic Fertilizer is meticulously formulated to provide plants with a balanced and comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, ensuring optimal growth and vitality. With its carefully calibrated composition, this fertilizer supports healthy root development, vigorous foliage growth, and bountiful flowering. Suitable for a wide variety of plants and crops, Dolomite C 650 is a reliable choice for achieving lush and thriving vegetation.


  • Accelerates plant growth and development.
  • Enhances nutrient absorption for healthier plants.
  • Ideal for a wide range of crops and plants in various growing conditions.

Difference Between  Dolomite C  650 & Dolomite M 300

Aspect Dolomite C 650 Synthetic Fertilizer Dolomite M 300 Synthetic Fertilizer
Composition Contains calcium and magnesium carbonate Contains magnesium carbonate
Nutrient Content Provides calcium and magnesium as nutrients Provides magnesium as a nutrient
Application Used for correcting calcium and magnesium deficiencies in soil Used primarily to address magnesium deficiency in soil
Granule Size Typically available in larger granules Usually available in finer granules
pH Level Can help to raise soil pH due to the calcium carbonate content Less effective at raising soil pH compared to Dolomite C 650
Agricultural Use Suitable for crops requiring higher calcium and magnesium levels Suitable for crops specifically needing magnesium supplementation

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