Panchagavya Liquid Fertilizer For Plants | Natural Growth Promoter


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★ Organic fertilizer ★ Best for all kinds of plants ★ Growth booster
★ Apply every month ★ Direct spray on leaves ★ Enhances plant immunity
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Panchagavya as liquid organic manure is a highly effective replacement for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Standing as one of the best traditional methods of agriculture, the liquid Panchagavya when applied to small-mid scale gardens will effectively promote the growth of soil microorganisms that boosts plant growth.

Panchagavya, a revered traditional liquid organic formulation, is crafted through fermentation using five sacred cow-derived ingredients: milk, urine, dung, curd, and clarified butter. It serves as a potent source for promoting plant growth and enhancing immunity within the plant system.

Benefits Of Panchagavya Liquid Fertilizer:

– Promotes robust plant growth
– Enhances plant immunity
– Organic and natural formulation
– Derived from sacred cow ingredients
– Supports sustainable agricultural practices


Certainly! Here’s a concise guide to using Panchagavya Liquid Fertilizer for plants:

– Dilution: Mix 3-5% of Panchagavya with water.
– Application: Spray on leaves, drench soil, or use in irrigation.
– Frequency: Apply every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.
– Plants: Suitable for all plants, indoor and outdoor.
– Observation: Monitor plant response and adjust as needed.
– Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
– Precautions: Wear protective gear and keep away from children.
– Environment: Biodegradable; dispose of responsibly.

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